Direct Mail Insights

Over the coming months we’ll be bringing you a range of in-depth articles to provide some food for thought and help you get more out of your direct mail activity.

By taking a closer look at some of the techniques and new developments in direct marketing, we hope you’ll find something of interest and most importantly take away practical steps to increase your direct mail success.

1. Postcard Mailing

A popular medium, postcards are cost-effective and impactful. We examine the dos and don’ts to help you improve your return on investment.

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2. Programmatic Direct Mail

An exciting new way to bring together the best aspects of online and physical mail marketing. We’re giving you some background and sharing our thoughts on potential applications for you.

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3. Brochure and Catalogue Mailing

What place do printed brochures and catalogues have in the modern marketing mix and how can you make the most of them?

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