Unique ways to Boost your Direct Marketing

11th Mar 2022

Receiving a simple white envelope has not excited anyone in years. The classic white envelope now carries the connotation of bills and responsibilities and should be avoided at all costs. 

How then, should businesses design their direct mail marketing campaigns? How do you make your mailers stand out in the letterbox, and how can you encourage people to read the information instead of simply throwing it out? Worry not, because our experts at Arcane Direct Marketing have brainstormed the best direct mail ideas to make your business stand out. Keep reading to find out more about our 10 favourite creative direct mail ideas.

  1. Send a Postcard

Sending a postcard allows you to be more creative and direct. The target does not need to go through the hassle of opening an unknown envelope, and you can present them with information off the bat. Combining a postcard with large images or bold font, which you’ll learn more about below, can increase the effectiveness of this creative direct mail option.

  1. Include Promo QR Code

Including a promotion is likely to increase your response rate and conversion rate at the same time. A QR code is easily recognisable, so the recipient will quickly realise that they’ve received a coupon or discount. Plus, they won’t have to go through the effort of manually inserting the code. Which, in the age of instant gratification, is a useful extra step to take for your prospective customers.

  1. Send a Handwritten Note

If you have a small business or want to reach out to particularly loyal customers, a handwritten note can have excellent returns. It indicates to your customers that you value their business. There has also recently been a surge in support for small businesses, so it is a good idea to let the customer know that you fall within that bracket.

  1. Use Bold Designs and Font

Whether on the envelope or within, bold designs and fonts can make the information that you want to impart more attractive and interesting. Since your audience is not likely to read through tons of information, you can use design and font to guide their eye to the most important information that you want them to see.

  1. Add Coupons

Much like the QR codes mentioned above, coupons are a useful way of improving the response to your creative mailers. You can include coupons to brand-specific offers, improving brand awareness while you’re at it. You could also include other kinds of promotional material, like discount codes.

  1. Utilise Big Colourful Images

Large, on-brand images can really make your direct mail campaign stand out. If the image is expressive of a service or product that you offer, it may pique the interest of the reader. Colourful imagery is also known as having a positive effect on the viewer. So combined, this is a great way to make your mailer stand out. Including bold but simple font over the image will also make your information more captivating.

  1. Use Involvement Devices 

Involvement devices like a quiz, checklist, small game or samples are a great way to engage with your audience. Use applicable information to involve your audience in your particular business. And if you have samples, like perfume, add these to your direct marketing campaign to inform your potential customers of what you offer. 

Involvement devices, when used properly, can make learning about your business and products more fun and memorable for your audience.

  1. Make Use of Familiar Branding

If you have a loyal customer base or are well known in the location where you’re sending your mailers, you can make use of familiar branding. People like what they know, so you can leverage the progress you’ve already made with brand awareness while increasing it at the same time.

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