A Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing

7th Jul 2022

Marketing is a broad and varied sphere of sales, and each aspect of marketing has value. Gone are the days when billboards, flyers, and Television ads were our main options, as we now have access to a broad range of data and advertising platforms.

One of the best and most time-tested forms is direct marketing, and more specifically, email marketing. This form of marketing allows you to contact your past customers directly, producing a number of measurable benefits. 

Arcane Direct Marketing has put together this beginner’s guide to email marketing so that you can start to take full advantage of your resources. Keep reading to find out what email marketing is, the different types, and its advantages and disadvantages.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a form of advertising where you utilise your contact list to build your brand, drive sales, and share updates and promotions with your customers. It encompasses every email you may send to customers, which also includes transactional emails, as even these can include promotions and branding.

Email marketing is an affordable form of marketing with a high ROI. This makes it particularly popular with smaller businesses, but useful for all.

Types of Email Marketing?

There are a number of different marketing emails that you may make use of. Here are the main types:

Promotional Emails

In promotional emails, you will let your customers know what events are coming up in your business, including sales, new product releases and any other promotional material. These emails have a clear call to action. This CTA may be to use a coupon, visit a certain page on your website, purchase a subscription, etc. 

Re-engagement Emails

This useful form of email marketing allows you to reconnect with past customers or subscribers who haven’t been active recently. You can reach out to customers and encourage engagement (adding a coupon is a great way to do this). You can also use this opportunity to gain more information about why they’ve been disengaged, which can help you refine your marketing strategy.

Informational Emails

Informational emails, like newsletters and announcements, allow you to share with your customer base. These are useful for building brand awareness and identity, sharing company news, and anything else that might add value to your customers.

Does Email Marketing Work?

Yes, email marketing has a high return on investment and a long history of success. As we mentioned, there have been many changes and improvements in marketing strategies in recent years, but email marketing remains very successful. This is particularly true because it has a lower cost than other options. Plus, you can send information directly to your customers. There is also more scope for personalisation.

Advantages of Email Marketing

There are a number of great benefits to focussing on your email marketing. Here are the top email marketing advantages:

  1. Conversions: Email marketing drives direct conversions, and by using Cookies or Pixels you can track these conversions and customers, adding them to your database for future mail campaigns. 
  2. Brand awareness: With personalised email campaigns, you can create brand awareness and identity for your customers to engage with. You can do this by using your brand colours, font, logo and more.
  3. Customer loyalty: As you drive conversions, build brand awareness, onboard new customers and retain existing ones, you will drive brand loyalty, where you have returning customers. 

Disadvantages of Email Marketing

As in all forms of marketing, there are a few disadvantages if your marketing plan is a little lacking. Here are some of the disadvantages to look out for:

  1. Seem like spam: If your emails are not personalised or seem like spam they may irritate the customer, and can have the opposite effect from what we’re seeking.
  2. Evoke an emotional response: Poorly considered emails may cause upset or even anger in certain readers.
  3. Too much information: This is a classic misstep in many forms of marketing, but email marketing is particularly susceptible. Adding too much information or blocks of text will mean that readers do not go through it all, or may even cause them to close the email immediately, as they don’t know what’s important or what to focus on.

Do You Need Help With Your Email Marketing?

All this can seem quite daunting, and email marketing can pose time and energy-based challenges, as well as creative ones. If you could use some help with your campaign, contact us today. We have many years of experience in digital marketing and are always ready and willing to help businesses go from strength to strength.

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