Benefits of Direct Marketing
Advantages, Types & Examples

25th Feb 2022

What is direct marketing and how can it be used in your business? What are its advantages for the customer, and most importantly, for you? These are the questions that we will answer in this post, so keep reading to find out exactly how you can utilise this excellent marketing strategy.

What is Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing is a form of marketing that aims to achieve a certain outcome within a chosen group of consumers. It is more specific and targeted than many other forms of marketing, like broadcast marketing. It is ideal for advertisers who do not have access to an abundance of resources, but who want direct, quantifiable results.

Direct mail, email marketing, social ads, and telemarketing all fall under the umbrella of direct marketing. The most important aspect of direct marketing is that the response of the consumer is measurable. Including a cookie or pixel are two of the best ways to do this.

Advantages of Direct Marketing

One of the top benefits of direct marketing is that it can be done on a budget. In addition to this, doing it correctly can allow you to improve customer relationships and loyalty through promotions aimed at their interests. You can also increase sales with current and past customers. Lastly, it allows you to test how certain products perform in comparison to others, as direct marketing allows direct feedback.

Direct Marketing examples

Sometimes, the easiest way to understand a new concept is through examples. At Arcane Direct Marketing, we’ve had plenty of success stories over the 25 years that we’ve been in business. While our clients and customers are kept confidential, here are some examples of direct marketing and how they can help your business grow.

  1. Direct mail: Many believe this to be an outdated method of marketing, but that is not the case. Direct mail gives your business a physical presence and indicates that you’re a business that cares for its customers.
  2. Email marketing: This form of digital marketing allows you to quickly and cost-effectively get in touch with your customers, inform them of promotions, events, new products, and much more.
  3. PPC: Pay-per-click advertising is an increasingly efficient and popular form of direct marketing. With programs like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, you can utilise your own knowledge of your target audience along with their data to create well targeted marketing campaigns.

Benefits of Direct Marketing for customers

Customers benefit from direct marketing by having access and information to relevant products and services. Instead of being subjected to mass produced marketing campaigns, they experience a more targeted approach. 

In our fast-paced and impersonal world, direct marketing is also more appreciated due to it feeling more personal and specific. Your customers can feel that they, specifically, are important to your business, and vice versa.

Types of Direct Marketing

Besides the three main forms of direct marketing that we’ve mentioned above, there is also brochures, text marketing, direct selling, telemarketing, kiosk marketing, and catalogues. These are used in different settings and with varying results, but the most important aspect of these forms of marketing is that you must know your customers. Having a target market and knowing where and how to find them is one of the most crucial aspects of direct marketing.

Do you need a Direct Marketing campaign?

Arcane Direct Marketing has been managing some of the UK’s biggest direct mail campaigns for 25 years and can provide a competitive quote today. Contact us, email or call us on 0121 789 9911. We’re always happy to help grow a business to its full potential.

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