Get cracking on your Christmas direct marketing campaign!

13th Nov 2020

In the blink of an eye its coming up Christmas again! It’s that time of year when usually excitement starts to mount at the thought of parties, presents and of course family gatherings and festivities.

This Covid filled year has been and still is marred with uncertainty. Yet amidst the many challenges you can bet your bottom ‘pound’ that our great British public will find ways to make Christmas happen and make the most of it. So, if your business is offering anything even remotely Christmas worthy, then you need to be shouting about it! Try to think outside of the box too, new situations, even grim ones offer new opportunity if you know where to look.

Whilst high street shopping is difficult with the current lockdown, online sales are set to beat record highs. As many have already done; it’s time to re-focus and make products and services available in new and easily accessible ways.  But how do you compete in an already saturated online arena?

Read on for some ideas to help your business Christmas (and New Year) go with a bang with direct mail!

Define your goals

The single most important area of any marketing campaign is to understand what your end goal is. What are you hoping to achieve?

Some goals might be:

It’s important to remember that even though your overall goal might be to increase sales, your campaign components each have their own part to play. For example, a postcard mailing can work brilliantly to drive website traffic, but you need to ensure your website is ready to receive the visitors and keep them engaged and close the sale!

Target effectively

Know your audience! The style, tone and content of your campaign should be designed in a way that your audience can and will relate to.

Hopefully you’ve already done some research on your customer base and have a solid understanding of who they are. But it doesn’t end there; even within your overall customer base, you will still have different categories. Media like direct mail and email that go directly to your customers allow you to split your database down into sub sections, such as by age, gender, previous buying styles, geographic location etc. Remember, the more targeted and relevant your campaign, the better it will work.

Personalise it

Use personalisation wherever you can. Campaigns can be created with any amount of variable data, whether it’s just the address and salutation or a completely bespoke mailer for each recipient.

Personalisation adds a feel good factor and shows your customers you care. How would you feel if you received a personalised advent calendar from your favourite store? We think you would love them even more!

Understand what your audience wants/needs

You’ve defined your goals, but what about those of your audience? How do they compare? What benefit are you providing? How are you helping them to achieve their goals?

This is particularly important in 2020 with the challenges that many are facing due to the pandemic. This knowledge will help you to decide the content of your campaign.

Make sure that you include a clear call to action, make it easy for your customers to take you up on your offer and of course, don’t forget to add all of your contact information!

Planning your campaign

Now you are clear about why you are marketing, who your audience is and what you are offering them, its time to think about where and when you will communicate.

Direct mail works best when it’s integrated with other channels, it’s the perfect media to get up close and personal with your audience, it demands attention and garners trust. Combine direct mail with email marketing, website banner ads, social media posts etc. to cover all bases and maximise your response rate potential.

How you use different channels will depend on your campaign, but for example; if you are sending out gift incentives, then email or social media posts would work perfectly for teaser campaigns to ramp up the interest.

The timing of your Christmas marketing campaign needs careful consideration too and its very much dependant on your campaign goals. If your aim is to sell products then you need to ensure your customers haven’t spent their Christmas budget and that you have enough time to pick pack and deliver. If on the other hand you are sending a Christmas and New Year thank you card, closer to the big day is best, just make sure you send in plenty of time of the last posting dates!

Ideas for Christmas direct mail

There’s lots of different types of mailings that can be tailored specifically for Christmas, here’s just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Are you ready?

We hope this article has given you some helpful tips on where to begin with your Christmas mailings. If you would like some help with managing your database, design and product sourcing then just ask!

We have produced and sent many weird and wonderful things over the years and we do love a challenge. We can of course also offer advice on different mailing methods to help you get the most efficient and cost effective postage.

We would love to hear from you at the planning stages of your campaign so we can make any suggestions for tweaks that could save you heaps!

We hope to hear from you soon!

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