Direct Mail Automation: Should You Use It?

22nd Apr 2022

Direct mail campaigns are an excellent way to increase brand awareness, drive sales and engagement, and improve customer loyalty. But it can be a rather laborious process. The manual processes of mailing out direct mail, for some businesses, might be too time consuming and frustrating.

If this is the case for your business, direct mail automation, otherwise known as programmatic direct mail, could be the way forward. In this post, we will look at what this form of automation is, the difficulties of manual direct mail, and whether or not your business will benefit from automation.

What is Direct Mail Automation?

Direct mail automation removes the manual processes involved in mailing out mail, packages, gifts and more. The online platform which makes this possible also enables you to integrate direct mail into the rest of your automation tools and trigger campaigns. Allowing you to consolidate your marketing campaigns while making the information available across all platforms.

Programmatic direct mail works by monitoring user data on an individual level, including online behaviour, shopping history and abandoned carts. The data is then used to create personalised, dynamic material suited to that user, which is then shipped right to their doorstep.

Alternatively, an automation platform can trigger certain direct mail to be sent to customers meeting certain criteria, including location, children, age, pets, past sales, etc. Both of these methodologies allow you to get in touch with a more niche target audience, increasing your ROI.

What Makes Manual Direct Mail Difficult?

The advantages of direct mail are clear, as they can provide an excellent ROI. However, the time investment and burden on your team are often cumbersome and tricky to navigate. Carrying out a direct mail campaign manually requires a team member or more to:

Advantages of Automated Direct Mail

There are plenty of benefits to automating the process of direct mail, as these manual requirements are no longer necessary with the involvement of automation. An automation tool digitises all of the above, while also targeting a more specific audience. Automation makes it possible to target, create, personalise, send and track your direct mail campaign without the time investment traditionally associated with this form of marketing.

Should You Use Direct Mail Automation?

If your business is just getting off the ground, it may not yet be time to invest in direct mail automation, as it could still be a simple process to handle this manually. However, once your business starts to grow, it is extremely beneficial to have the help of automation. 

If you are considering automation or require assistance in any sphere of your marketing campaign, contact us today. Our marketing experts have over 25 years of experience in making businesses grow and always enjoy a new challenge.

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