Put your design to the test with Eye Tracking

22nd Mar 2019

Are you looking for ways to improve the impact of your design? With the help of a new service from Royal Mail we can now introduce a little science into the process.

Specialist eye-tracking software can take an image, such as the cover of your latest brochure, and identify which elements are likely to be seen within the first 3-5 seconds. In direct mail, ensuring your key message is absorbed within this short window of time is vitally important in persuading your recipient to take action.

By drawing up an eye tracking ‘heat map’ and assigning a score to each area of the page you can see which parts of your design will attract the most attention. So you can see whether important features like key offers, branding and call-to-action are jumping out, or whether other less important features may distract your reader’s attention.

Those of us who work in design like to think we have an instinct for these things, but it’s interesting to put it to the test, sometimes the results can be quite surprising. If you have a new design you’d like to test for a prospective mailing, this is a completely free service – get in touch via sales@arcanedirectmarketing.co.uk to 0121 789 9911 to find out more.

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