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Five Fast Ways To Improve Your Direct Mail Response Rates

24th August 2018

Making your direct mail campaign drive sales is a priority for most businesses – everyone wants to see a good return on investment. So how can you improve your direct mail response rates?

1. Marketing Strategy

Direct marketing response rates are massively increased when they are integrated with a marketing strategy and individual campaigns.

  • Decide what you’re trying to sell and then create a campaign that positions your service as product a solution for the customer’s problem.
  • Next plan your media such as Google, email, social media, blogs and direct mail.
  • Consider how to capture leads and what the customer has to do to get in touch or find out more.
  • Linking this to digital platforms, specific campaign landing pages or using tracking codes will make leads and response rates easier to track.

2. Get Personal With Direct Mail

If you have the customer’s permission to contact them, then add as much personalisation to your direct mail campaign as you can. You can go further than name address by adding relevant information about their situation and why you think you can help them.

3. Know Your Customers (Segmenting)

Knowing your customers and applying that knowledge to note a status can make your direct mail campaigns more targeted, which will achieve a better response rate. Consider putting flags for a customer who has used you, but a long time ago, or is an existing customer who could benefit from an additional product etc.

4. Make A Good Impression

The quality of your direct mail campaign is directly connected with the impression you make. It’s your brand, so it makes sense to give a professional impression that instils confidence.

5. Give A Reason To Engage

Why should the person reading your direct mail take action and how do they do it? Creating a strong reason such as an offer, freebie, added value or a promise. Can you make it easy to get in touch? Whether you give a phone number, website, QR code or email address – it’s important to make it straight-forward.

Do You Need A Direct Marketing Campaign?

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