How Should You Follow Up On Direct Mail Advertising?

30th Sep 2022

Are you getting ready to launch your direct mail campaign, but don’t quite know how to determine its success? With many individuals and small businesses starting eCommerce stores, personalised services and more, there can be some industry confusion when it comes to the technical aspects of a direct mail marketing campaign.

To help bridge this knowledge gap, Arcane Direct Marketing has made this guide to following up on direct mail campaigns. Follow these steps to determine the success of your marketing campaign, the products or services that were most popular, and more.

Why Follow up on Direct Mail Campaigns?

Direct marketing utilises a range of platforms and delivery systems, which makes it crucial to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns across multiple channels. Following up on how these campaigns fared on different channels will allow you to determine if you are doing things right, and how you can improve. You will also be able to see if one service did well on one channel and another was more effective on a different channel. 

In addition to this, checking the details of your direct mail will give you insights into your target audience. It will also inform future campaigns, enabling you to improve your marketing efforts.

Steps to Following up on a Direct Mail Campaign

The following are the best steps that you can take to ascertain the success of your campaign and it’s separate aspects. Some of these are best suited to small businesses who have a limited database to whom the mail is sent to. Others steps can be done by all businesses, big or small.

Call or Follow up With the Recipients

If you have a small business with a matching client base, consider calling the recipients of your direct mail. Following up in this way not only allows you to find out how they felt about the mail that was recieved, but it gives you a chance to establish a relationship with your customers. This will help build trust and possibly increase your customer return rate.

Track Your Direct Mail Response Rate

Tracking your direct mail response rate is a great way to look at the data of your goals and outcomes together. Response rate refers to the number of recipients that took the next steps in the process. Whether that was by buying the product you were marketing, signing up for your newsletters, or with PURL tracking codes that allow you to see the engagement the user had with your site. Tracking response rates is a great way to ascertein whether or not you’ve reached your goals, and to what extent.

The formula for calculating response rate is: RR = quantity mailed / responses received.

Set up an Email Drip Campaign

If you’ve sent direct mail, a follow-up email can be a great way to reinforce your message. Combining direct mail and email is ideal for marketing, and will boost your campaigns effectiveness, as some people prefer one delivery system over the other.

Ensure that your follow up email is only sent after your target audience has received the mail, and had a chance to consider it. Then remember to reiterate your message as well as the call to action.

Retarget Your Audience on Social Media

As previously mentioned, there are a number of platforms and delivery systems in direct marketing. If you have sent direct mail and an email, it is time to make use of social media. 

You can also use this opportunity to improve brand awareness, by creating a social media presence that speaks to your brand identity. Creating community and interacting with your audience is also a great way to increase customer engagement and return rate. Plus, you can even use polls on Instagram Stories to ask your customers and audience for feedback. This is a great way to follow up on your campaign.

If you want to know more about the services we offer, contact us today. We are always eager to take small businesses to new heights. 

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