Revolutionising Precision: How Camera Matching Systems are Revolutionising Direct Marketing

9th Feb 2024

Gone are the days of generic, one-size-fits-all direct mail campaigns that take hours, days, or longer to fulfil. Whatever your line of work, you want to know your message is getting out to the right people quickly, accurately and efficiently, and that your mailings are presented as attractively as possible. 

Camera matching systems are empowering organisations all over the world to delve into the realm of hyper-personalisation, creating tailor-made messages that resonate with individual recipients. 

The accuracy of camera matching systems can significantly impact open rates, as recipients are more likely to engage with content that aligns with their interests. According to industry studies, personalised emails have been found to increase open rates by 26%, and precision in mailings enhances brand identity by conveying a sense of attentiveness and relevance. Consistent, accurate communication fosters trust and loyalty, with a reported 82% of consumers expressing greater trust in companies that use personalised content. Studies reveal that accurately targeted communication can also boost the effectiveness of charity campaigns, with a potential increase in donation rates by as much as  68%.

Our camera matching system carefully scans each item,  checking for accuracy and ensuring that every envelope contains the right number of inserts. If something doesn’t look right, the machine will stop and ask the operator to double check. It also adds all package information to a log for easy reporting and quality control, vastly reducing the risk of duplication or error. 

Here are a few reasons why camera matching is a game changer for direct mailing:

Versatility: The system uses a variety of camera configurations which can be used for different campaigns, applications and envelope sizes. Whether it’s DL, C5, or C4 envelope sizes, camera matching can handle them all  

Barcode and OCR capabilities: Seamlessly reads 2D Data Matrix Barcodes and OCR fonts, for accurate and efficient matching

Automated high-speed enclosing: Camera matching is infinitely faster than doing it by hand, which means you can get your mailing in your recipients’ hands in record time

Personalised matching: Now you can effortlessly match personalised letters with response and donation forms, offering a tailored touch that’s particularly helpful for charity campaigns. You can also create personalised content within the matched sets and on the outer envelope.

Improved response rates: By ensuring that the right items reach the right recipients,  response rates can be dramatically increased, adding to the success of your campaigns.

Verification and reprinting: Ensure the accuracy of completed packs with our verification feature. In case of spoiled packs, our system automates the reprinting process, saving you time and resources.

100% fulfilment: We guarantee complete fulfilment, for increased confidence in the accuracy and success of your campaigns.

To find out more about our camera matching systems, or to see our machines in action, get in touch.

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