Using QR Codes in Direct Mail

10th Sep 2018

Thanks to Apple, QR codes will soon be a quick way for marketing teams to take a direct mail customer to a landing page on a website.

How Has Apple Made QR Scanning Easier?

The new Apple iOS 11 software does not require an app to scan a QR code – the scanner is built-in to the native camera app.

The new technology makes it much more convenient for customers to quickly scan the QR code and be taken directly to a website. iPhone and iPad users will only need to open their camera app, scan the code, and the device will alert them when it’s recognised and take them to a website on Safari.

Not everyone is aware of the technology change, so it’s a perfect time for marketers to start using QR codes again.

What Can You Use A QR Code For?

You can use QR codes in your direct mail campaign to share a discount coupon, contact details, app downloads, special offers or website landing pages to track your campaign’s response rate or capture leads.

QR codes present the perfect opportunity to avoid the initial digital jungle, get your message to your potential customer, and then re-enter the digital world for tracking.

QR Codes Aren’t New

It’s true – QR codes aren’t new, but the use of them has been limited, with people having to download an app before they could scan, by which time, they’d lost interest in some cases.

Today’s digital customer demands speed, convenience and often needs to be incentivised to engage in a marketing campaign. The use of QR codes will now be different, as it offers a quick way to grab a deal, information or app.

Variable Data Print

Variable Data Print (VDP), Variable Imaging (VI) and Variable Information Printing (VIP) are all terms used to describe digital printing, which includes a mix of text, graphics and images that can change on each printed piece.

This could be in the form a personalised letter, brochure, postcard or direct mail campaign with a customer’s name and address on. This clever use of advertising can also be used for QR codes.

Do You Need A Direct Marketing Campaign?

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