What Is A Mailing House?

20th Sep 2022

Mailing houses make direct mail campaigns far easier and more successful. From list broking to polywrapping, a mail house can take care of all your mailing needs, from start to finish. 

But what are mailing houses? In this post, Arcane Direct Marketing will explain what we are, what we do, and the benefits of using mailing services. Keep reading to find out if your business could profit from the experience and expertise of a mail house.

What are Mail Houses?

A mailing house, as defined by the English Oxford Living Dictionaries, is: “A company which arranges the large-scale dispatch of mail on behalf of other organisations”. Organising direct mail campaigns and their fulfilment can be a mammoth task for businesses, making outsourcing an excellent option. Mailing houses, like Arcane Direct Marketing, handle everything from data sorting and cleansing to the measurement of results.

What does a mailing house do?

Direct mail is a broad field, and so a professional mail house generally offers many different services relating to mail. Quality mailing houses can run your campaigns from beginning to end, including the design, data, and development stages. Mailing services then organise the large-scale dispatch of letters, promotional materials and parcels for Royal Mail to deliver.

Some mail houses only handle the organisation and dispatch of mail. Arcane Direct Marketing offers the following services: 

Benefits of Using Mail Services

Making use of the services of a mailing house offers many advantages for organisations beyond what we’ve already touched on. Here are the five main benefits of using a mailing company:

  1. Saves your business time and money
  2. Personalises your campaigns through data sourcing and cleansing
  3. Allows you to benefit from an integrated approach and expert experience
  4. The broad range of professional services elevates your direct mail
  5. Carefully tracked data inform future marketing strategies

Does Your Business Need Mailing Services?

If you run direct mail campaigns, your business could benefit from the use of a mailing house. Small businesses that only send out a few hundred promotional mails a month may manage on their own, but larger-scale businesses and campaigns can always use the assistance of professionals.

As our mailing house can take care of everything for you, with you, it is an excellent option for a business that wants to grow and expand its offerings. We take a holistic approach, and our services are both comprehensive and flexible so that you can rest assured that everything is covered and done to the highest standard.  

Want to Improve Your Direct Mail?

Our family-run business has been operating in the industry since 1996, and we’ve been going the extra mile ever since. If you think that your business could benefit from a partnership with our mailing house, get in touch with us today. With your business at the centre of all we do, you can rest assured that we will provide everything you need for a successful direct mail campaign, on time and within budget.

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