Why You Should Include Direct Mail In Your Marketing Mix

6th Jul 2018

The digital world is noisy, clogged and it’s hard to get your company’s voice heard, right?

On the other hand, direct mail is less clogged?

They are both true, but that doesn’t mean you have to choose one over the other – clever marketing strategies still include a mix of various types of media for each campaign.

The Royal Mail Reality Check On Combination Marketing:

Adding direct mail into the mix of a marketing campaign can really give your response rate a boost.

A Better Impression Of Your Brand

An email can seem quick, generic and mass marketed at times, and Royal Mail’s survey mirrors those thoughts, with 63% of those surveyed saying that they take direct mail more seriously.

In fact, 57% said that direct mail makes them feel more valued and 55% said it gave them a better impression of the company it came from.

So, Does Value Or Making A Recipient Feel Something Result In An Action?

Yes, it does – 95% of those who felt something then went on to do something, such as follow the call to action on the direct mail piece.

Those who took action then went on to take three separate actions or interactions with the brand.

Open Rates For Direct Mail

If you compare open rates of an email (around 20% according to MailChimp) and direct mail (according to the DMA), at over 50% and put that together with other media channels such as social media – your overall return on investment and sales generated will look healthier.

There is no reason why direct mail and digital can’t work together; from PURLs and coupons to QR codes to scan and receive offers, discounts and apps – they complement each other.

Do You Need A Direct Marketing Campaign?

Arcane Direct Marketing has been managing UK direct mail campaigns for years and can provide a competitive quote today. Contact us, email sales@arcanedirectmarketing.co.uk or call us on 0121 789 9911.

Source: https://www.marketreach.co.uk/campaigns/mail-email

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