How to use our FTP server

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Our FTP server is an ideal way to send us a data file for your mailing, particularly if you need to:-

If you’d like to use our FTP server you need to get in touch with us so that we can set you up with your own unique login credentials.

Although you can use your web browser to connect to the site, at time of writing most web browsers don’t support making a secure FTP connection. Therefore we recommend you use an FTP client, there are many to choose from but we recommend FileZilla which is free and cross-platform. Here’s how to use it:-

1. Download FileZilla from here and run the installer.

2. Open FileZilla and choose ‘Site Manager…’ from the ‘File’ menu.

3. In the resulting window, click ‘New Site’ and give your site a name.

4. Fill in the adjacent form as follows:-

5. Click ‘connect’. You may get a warning that the certificate is unknown, click to trust the server.

6. Navigate to the folder where your file is kept in the upper left window.

7. Drag your file from the lower left window to the window to its right.

That’s it you’re done — FileZilla will remember the connection details for next time, just go back to the site manager.