Data cleansing

Intelligent data cleansing for greater return and ultimate recipient respect

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Increase engagement and save on postage through database cleansing

Improving the quality of your mailing list saves postage costs, and once cleansed, provides a greater return through the ability to target and filter data groups. From adding correct personalisation to improving engagement by removing duplicates and fixing typos, our speed and attention to detail can result in outstanding engagement levels.

Your data can be checked against external sources such as Royal Mail’s postal address file, gone-away and deceased registers, and the mailing preference service to ensure your communications conform to current regulations.

Give your recipients the best impression of your organisation

Sometimes data cleansing services can mean more than a returned envelope; we know that receiving inaccurately addressed or out of date mail can cause confusion or even distress. Avoiding this situation is not just a mark of respect, it’s good business. Accuracy ensures that recipients receive the best possible impression of your organisation.

By cleaning and formatting your data optimally we can also help you access new postal services to secure cost efficiencies for large mailing campaigns. So making use of data cleaning services can ensure that you put your best possible foot forward to your clients and customers, while also saving you money and time.

Frequently asked questions about data cleansing

What is data cleansing?

Data cleansing, or data cleaning, involves going through pre-existing lists and cleaning them up. This includes filtering out any data that is inaccurate, untrustworthy or outdated. 

What is the data cleansing process?

Firstly, we access a list through the list broking arm of our company; then, we review it thoroughly to ensure that you’re being given the correct contact information and that GDPR compliance is adhered to at all times.

What is the purpose of data cleansing?

Working off a list that has been cleansed prevents embarrassing mistakes that make your company look bad. This could include using the wrong pronoun or sending mail to somebody who has recently deceased. 

Cleansed data also saves your business money and can help you make a fantastic first impression on your audience.

Why choose Arcane Direct Marketing for your data cleansing requirements?

At Arcane Direct Marketing, we understand the difference clean data makes. From better brand association and sentiment through to higher return on investment and customer engagement, we want to see your campaigns succeed as much as you do.
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