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Keeping your data ready for action

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Maximising the potential of your data

Your data is a valuable asset and keeping it up to date and confirming with legislation can be a time consuming and resource-heavy task. Once these tasks are automated, however, your data creates the opportunity to personally build relationships, your brand and ultimately, your business.

You’ll receive a multitude of benefits when you choose to let us manage your database including better accuracy, targeting, regulatory compliance and maximising the potential of your data.

Automation for accuracy

We can help to restructure your database, automate updates, capture data from response devices, build a web form to automate the capture of customer data and cleanse your data if required. We use programming to complete data formatting tasks, increasing accuracy and efficiency.

Conforming to current postal regulations is essential when managing data, that’s why we accept returns from your mailings and flag or remove them – an important but often neglected task. We’ll work with you to monitor your data, supply you with periodic reports and recommend data selections for targeted mailings.