Digital Marketing

Increase your campaign ROI with a multi-channel campaign.

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We believe the best way to reach more customers is to combine multiple channels into your marketing mix. That’s why we offer a range of digital marketing tools to complement our direct mail services and help you to promote your organisation online.

We can supply you with an affordable marketing package, helping you to meet your targets while allowing you to focus on your core business.

The services we offer are individually tailored for each client and our reporting is clear and concise – so you’ll always be able to set clear goals and watch us help you to achieve them.

Email Marketing

A quick and cost effective way to keep your customers up to date with your latest offers and events – making sure they don’t forget about you.

By sending tempting vouchers, exciting product info or news updates, you can encourage your contacts to re-engage with your business.

Modern software providers make it easy to get started with email marketing – but to get the most out of the platform means having to master it. Do you have the time and resources to learn those systems inside-out and keep up to date with all the latest developments?

That’s where we come in. We can import your data, make sure it is formatted correctly and help you to segment it in order to give you more power further down the line.

The law regarding what you can send to who is strict and we can help you adhere to it.

We can create compelling templates from scratch to perfectly match your brand guidelines and install the associated forms to administer and grow your marketing list.

From marketing automation to A/B testing, our team can give you the edge against your competitors.

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Google Adwords is a unique channel to put your message in front of potential customers when they’re ready to buy. It gives you the power to target prospects with incredible accuracy.

However, if you’ve had a look at the Adwords control panel yourself you’ll know that with power comes a lot of complexity. A wide range of reports are available but which ones are right for you? We can help you filter this data to give you the key information you need to make crucial descisions which will effect the success of your campaign.

Coming up with a keywords strategy is vitally important and in order to be successful it’s essential to regularly monitor, learn and update. We have the experience and resources to take care of this for you, while giving you the feedback you need to remain in control.

Once you’ve chosen your keywords we can collaborate with you to create adverts and landing pages which are both relevant and compelling.

All the while you’ll have direct access to a Google Adwords Certified Profesional to make sure everything runs smoothly and you get the best possible results.

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