Inkjet personalisation

High speed flexible addressing for larger or more specialised tasks

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A cost-effective and accurate solution with a rapid turnaround

If your mailing campaign requires printing on coated or glossy paper, our inkjet machines offer a cost-effective solution that delivers excellent results. Our machines are capable of working at high speed and have the ability to print on virtually any material, which is perfect for addressing envelopes, postcards and one-piece mailers, as well as more specialised tasks such as adding sequential numbers to packaging.

A professional finish from our inkjet printing services

Our desktop printers are ideal for printing custom fonts and graphics, offering you a professional finish with no need for expensive labels that detract from your design. Our polywrapping machines are fitted with inkjet facilities too, which can personalise items within a pack as well as the polythene wrap itself.

Frequently asked questions about inkjet printing

What is meant by inkjet printing?

Inkjet printing refers to the way the printer operates. This type of printer will propel ink droplets onto the paper based on communications from a computer. This method is utilised in digital printing rather than your more traditional offset printing.

What is the main advantage of inkjet printing?

The most significant advantage delivered by inkjet printing is that you can print onto almost any surface, expanding your options considerably.

Other benefits of this type of printing include the non-existent warm up time, swift printing and low cost per impression.

Why use the inkjet personalisation services at Arcane Direct Marketing?

We care about the impact our printing will have on the perception of your brand and the experience of your potential and loyal customers. As such, our standards are immensely high, so you can trust the quality of our inkjet personalisation every time you print with us.

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