Laser personalisation

Professional mailings with advanced personalisation

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High-speed printing for top quality runs

For high-quality colour campaigns, we use one of our four specialised Konica-Minolta laser printers. Our recent investment in these printers gives us the ability to print on a broad range of paper stocks and sizes. These high-powered machines are vastly increasing our capacity, speed and quality, ensuring we can meet tight deadlines and provide you with a reliable and competitive service.

Customising your mailing with our laser printing services

We can personalise any aspect of your design, including offers and variable content, producing customised postcards and letters in one pass (where the paper goes through the printer only once), saving us time and allowing us to pass the cost-saving on to your business. Our laser printer services can also crease, seal and tab to produce one-piece mailers.

Your mailing could even go a step further, personalising each mailing to the recipient’s area or past purchase history – vastly increasing engagement and campaign success.

Frequently asked questions about laser printing

What is laser printing used for?

Laser printing can be utilised for numerous direct mailing purposes, including creating:

  • Labels 
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Envelopes

And more.

What is the advantage of a laser printer? 

The main advantages of laser printing are speed and precision, meaning you can get your product faster without compromising quality. You’ll never have to worry about excess ink ruining the aesthetics of your product. Your recipient will have the best representation of your brand every time you use our laser printing services.

Can a laser printer print colour?

It can indeed. And when you combine our laser printing services with our graphic design, the colours will really pop.

Why use the laser personalisation services at Arcane Direct Marketing?

At Arcane Direct Marketing, we operate at every stage of a marketing campaign. From figuring out the best people to contact with a mailing campaign, understanding how to communicate with them (including where to send them next on their journey) and ensuring that everyone contacted has a positive experience, we’re here to help.

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