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Impartial advice from your independent list broker

As an independent list broker, we can provide you with impartial advice on data that reaches out to new customers and fits your exact requirements. We have relationships with many data providers and data capture services, and only use those that are compliant and can supply quality, accurate, clean, opted-in data that includes the target areas required for the campaign.

Precise targeting of data capture for campaign success

Our experience has taught us that the quality and targeting of the data is synonymous with achieving measurable value and exceptional results for well-designed mailing and truly applicable marketing lists. That’s why we’ll help you to identify the type of data you’re looking for, and use the latest industry filters and intelligent profiling to drill down to industry sector, business size, turnover, employee numbers and geographical areas.

We also ensure that the data is compliant with current regulations and is reviewed on a regular life cycle, checked against blacklists and only used for a licensed period. We’ll give you a transparent cost per contact, leaving you to choose an amount that fits your budget. In other words, we’ll do the manual data capture and list building for you, so that your campaign can have the greatest ROI possible.

Frequently asked questions about list broking

What does a list broker do?

Our list brokers assist our clients with their direct marketing efforts, providing a contact list with the name and physical address of prospects at a minimum. This information can be used to send coupons, catalogues, promotional offers and more to people who are most likely to be interested in your services.

What do data brokers collect?

Our lists can include a range of information for domestic contacts, including gender, age, income and more. If you’re interested in business lists, we can source data including industry, job titles, employee size and more.

Why choose Arcane Direct Marketing as your list broker?

To put it simply, we aren’t interested in a tick box exercise where we hand over a generic list for you to utilise. Instead, we’ll get to know more about your end goal so that we can recommend the best data type for you to access. 

We’ll then go away and find that list for you, ensuring that you receive an up-to-date, legitimate list of contact information that will increase the chances of your campaign succeeding.

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