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Increasing participation and customer loyalty

Membership and loyalty card production is an excellent strategy to retain and encourage future business and involvement from your customers. What is often forgotten, however, is the opportunity that these cards provide to track customer behaviour, which can be logged and used for future campaigns.

We deliver a high-quality credit card type finish that fits your budgetary constraints. We can produce membership, loyalty and identity cards and event passes that showcase your brand. Plastic membership cards are a great way to keep your brand in your customers minds and wallets.

Quality and convenience for your loyalty card design

Your membership card design will be printed to the highest standard using machines that have the capability to thermal print and magnetically encode on to plastic. Offering you flexibility, we can supply blank plastic stock and match or mount the finished personalised cards to accompanying documents ready for distribution. We also have the ability to create and print barcodes, allowing your business to scan and record use of the card quickly.

Frequently asked questions about membership loyalty cards

How does a loyalty program work?

A loyalty program is a method of rewarding customers who return and invest in your brand time and time again. Generally speaking, customers earn points against their account whenever they purchase something from your business. Then, when they’ve accumulated enough, they can exchange them for a product of the same ‘value’.

How effective are rewards programs?

While the exact percentage will differ from industry to industry, rewards programs can produce up to 20% of a brand’s revenue. According to a study, 84% of respondents stated that they’d be loyal to a brand that provides a rewards program.

Why use our membership loyalty card services at Arcane Direct Marketing?

We can take care of everything, from making the actual loyalty card itself, ensuring that it’s on brand and elicits excitement from your customers, to the accompanying materials. We can also guarantee that the card and accompanying materials reach your customers safely and securely through our polywrapping service

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