Multi-Channel Communications

Email, SMS and Postal

If you need to send bulk communications across multiple platforms including Email, SMS and Postal mailing we can complete the whole project for you.

You can have your documents delivered in a number of different formats for print and digital, ensuring a consistent message and branding across a wide range of platforms and devices.

Marketing Promotions

If you need to promote a service, event or product range we can produce HTML emails, printed mailers or postcards and SMS reminders. Whether you need to adhere to your recipients’ marketing preferences, don’t always have their full contact details or wish to A/B test or run integrated campaigns across multiple channels – we can automate the segmentation and distribution of your campaign.

Transactional Documents

For organisations such as financial institutions, charities and housing associations and utilities providers, distributing financial statements is a necessary but often complex process. You can have bespoke transactional documents designed to your specification. Your documents can then either be printed and mailed or converted to HTML or PDF output which can be attached to email for distribution or archived to cloud platforms for your user’s reference or to help your customer support team field requests.


Your documents can be highly personalised. That may be marketing based on user preference or order history, or for example demographics or locale, whatever data you have available can me utilised to make your communications more effective. Your transactional documents can include individually personalised infographics to bring financial statements to life and include variable messages based on your own business logic.

Reporting and Responses

As well as measuring email open and click rates, your postal campaigns can be monitored by using QR codes, special URLs or offer codes or by carefully planning and observing user activity.

If you wish we can help monitor unsubscribes and updates to user preferences and also ensure your campaign is as accurate as possible in advance by cleaning your data with our in-house validation software before it’s sent.

Whichever IT or database systems you use we can capture and refomat the output to help you get the most out of your data by allowing new levels of personalisation or saving money with postal sortation, while helping you to comply with your GDPR responsibilities.

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