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A fast turnaround for large mailings

With two high-speed Buhrs polywrap machines capable of enclosing up to eight items into a polythene pack, your mailing will be wrapped quickly and efficiently. Regularly used for mailing magazines, brochures and catalogues, our machines have an array of feed mechanisms, which can deal with many different sizes and shapes of insert, including cover mounting. As our polywrapping machines have inkjet capability, we can also personalise the insert or the polythene on the same machine – another time and money-saving feature.

Pre-printed film with eco-friendly options

We can supply you with our pre-printed film – saving you money and ensuring a fast turnaround. Alternatively, we can source polythene that is custom printed to your specification, with the option of biodegradable film. Either way, you’ll find our polywrap mailing services to be cost-efficient and ideal for securely showcasing the design of your insert.

Frequently asked questions about polywrapping

What is polywrapping?

Polywrapping refers to enclosing your goods in a protective and durable casing. Plastic has been traditionally used in polywrapping, but at Arcane Direct Marketing, we use biodegradable potato starch wrap, packaging that is effective, resilient, kinder to the planet, and a cost-effective solution for your direct marketing needs

What can be polywrapped?

Polywrap is a popular choice for sending brochures, magazines, books, information packs and more. They can safely host a variety of marketing materials of varying shapes and sizes. We can talk you through your options if you have slightly unusually shaped materials to mail out.

Why choose Arcane Direct Marketing for your polywrapping needs?

Every touchpoint is vital when executing a direct marketing campaign, from the wording straight through to what the message is wrapped in. We see it as another opportunity to show your brand in a good light rather than a means to an end (getting your inserts safely to your intended audience).

Our list brokers can make sure that the people you’re targeting in your direct mailing campaign are likely to be interested in what you have to offer, increasing their chances of converting.

When linked with our graphic design service, it will catch the eye and entice someone to open it. If you select our biodegradable polywrap, you’re telling your audience that you care about the planet and are taking reasonable steps to protect it, which will undoubtedly increase your brand sentiment. 

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