Transactional mailing

Secure transactional mailing for ultimate confidence

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Capturing data from your systems and keeping it safe

We work with your business and your systems closely and securely on transactional mailings, ensuring that you have complete confidence in the accuracy of the mailing – we’ll keep you informed throughout the process and produce detailed mailing reports for you.

We capture data directly from your accounts systems, accepting non-standard output from many bespoke systems as well as standard formats such as CSV and XML. We then build custom document templates such as invoices and statements to your specification and feed in your data to produce variable length documents.

Applying complex logic to display relevant information

Always aiming to pass on cost-efficiencies, we match multiple documents together where appropriate and use complex logic to display information or messages (where applicable) to a particular recipient.

We add OMR marks, which are then read by our intelligent inserting machines, to securely collate the packs and insert additional items, for example, to include marketing material relevant to a customer’s past purchases. As well as automating a time-consuming series of tasks, by combining these processes together, we significantly reduce production time and postage costs. To ensure you have digital records, we can output copies of your documents for archiving.